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Wedding rings gold

Fascinating yellow gold wedding rings

Together with your partner, you are eagerly awaiting your wedding. The day you have been longing for is approaching. Soon you will promise each other eternal fidelity and put the sad on each other's finger. Until the big moment has finally arrived, it is still necessary to choose your joint wedding rings

. What material could be more suitable for your wedding ring than precious gold? After all, your wedding ring is a very special piece of jewelry. It is the symbol of deep connection and heartfelt affection that unites you and your partner.

Warm, noble and elegant

Wedding rings made of yellow gold are the declared favorite of many wedding couples. Gold symbolizes purity, light and wisdom. Since time immemorial, the coveted precious metal has fascinated people. It appears warm, noble and elegant. No wonder it is highly prized by many couples when it comes to choosing the material for your wedding rings. Rings made of pure gold, however, would be too soft and too susceptible to scratches. For this reason, the precious metal is mixed with other metals that provide hardness and strength to create what is called an alloy. Of all the alloys, yellow gold most intensely expresses the warmth of the precious metal, which resembles the glow of the sun. The higher the fine gold content, the more luminous the yellow hue of the wedding ring in yellow gold. The percentage of fine gold in yellow gold can be up to 75%, but this percentage can be as low as 58% or 33% in a yellow gold ring.

Classic design or decorated with precious stones

Combined with diamonds, a yellow gold wedding ring looks very elegant and classically timeless. The gemstones come out perfectly in the yellow gold setting. Besides diamonds, other gemstones also harmonize excellently with the warm hue of the yellow gold wedding ring. Thus, an exciting contrast is created in combination with rubies and emeralds. It is also possible to combine them with ring bands made of other alloys. This allows other jewelry, such as your engagement ring, to be worn on top of each other with the yellow gold wedding band on your finger.

Create your yellow gold wedding ring in the online configurator

At 21Diamonds, you have the option to easily configure the perfect wedding ring pair online. You determine the fine gold content, the number of diamonds on the ring, the surface, ring width and profile, as well as other details. This way, together with your partner, you can put together exactly the ring you want for your wedding.

Order your wedding ring in yellow gold at 21Diamonds

In our online store you will find a fascinating selection of wedding rings in yellow gold, rings with diamonds or classic wedding rings without a stone. Browse through our offer together with your partner and discover your dream rings. If you do not find what you are looking for in this way, use our ring configurator, which allows you to put together your perfect yellow gold ring on your own. If you have any questions, please contact our competent customer service. By e-mail or on the phone, we will be happy to help you.
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