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Diamond engagement rings

Diamond engagement rings

Special engagement rings, handmade for you in Germany's jewellery capital Pforzheim.

Engagement rings with Diamond - simple Brilliant

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Engagement ring Terry with 0,50 ct. Diamond and white gold

"Diamonds are a girl's best friend," Marilyn Monroe once sang. And indeed: to this day, the gemstone enjoys unbroken popularity among women - so also as a gemstone on the ring. Engagement rings with diamonds are therefore among the most popular pieces of jewelry for asking for the hand of the lady of your heart in style at the right moment.

The whole world of diamond rings for every budget

Of course, rings with diamonds are available in different variants. For example, engagement rings with several small stones, such as silver rings with small diamonds or fancy with pink tourmalines come into question.

An alternative to the designs with many stones is a solitaire ring. Solitaire refers to individual stones that adorn a piece of jewelry such as an engagement ring. If a rather small Diamond is chosen as a solitaire, the ring may be less expensive than a model with multiple gemstones. Meanwhile, if you choose a ring with a larger stone, the price may increase significantly. In this regard, you can make comparisons directly in the store, using the configurator. Select the desired model and customize it comfortably according to your wishes, whereby you can also select the matching gemstone including the desired quality.

Furthermore, you decide on the ring material. Would you prefer yellow gold? White gold? Or rather rose gold?  Through these various configuration options, you give each ring its personal touch and the price variants can be defined as desired. Whether you want to invest a little more or a little less - our configurator will help you create your dream ring at the price you have in mind.

A Diamond becomes a diamond

The Brilliant is a Diamond in typical brilliant cut. The Brilliant is always particularly well suited as an exceptional gemstone when a piece of jewelry is associated with a special symbolism. For example, it is an ideal candidate for wedding rings or engagement rings. However, to reduce it to this would not do it justice. Diamond rings should not necessarily be treated only to the wedding or engagement. Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, the birth of a child, an anniversary, Christmas - there are a thousand and one occasions to surprise a loved one with a diamond ring.


Engagement ring Le Monde with 0,5ct. Main stone

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Simple engagement ring with Diamond Gratia

Diamond rings as wedding rings

Wedding rings are the sign of eternal commitment and are chosen with great care. At the same time, the choice is wide. The narrow ring of silver, yellow gold or Platinum in deliberately simple design with polished surface adorns only a small Diamond. Other wedding rings in turn present themselves with a varied mix of matted and highly polished surfaces. Brilliant-cut diamonds of a few carats set exciting accents, while a centrally placed Diamond of 0.25 ct or more unfolds its fire. Whether you choose yellow gold, Platinum or silver rings for your wedding vows is a very personal decision. For many people, it is based on their preference for a particular precious metal and, of course, their individual ideas about a design.

Order engagement rings with diamonds online at 21Diamonds

Whether engagement rings, wedding rings or ring jewelry that you would like to give to your loved one as a gift on a festive occasion - in our store we carry a large selection of high-quality diamond rings for you. Design your rings according to your own ideas. So you decide how big the gemstone is or which surface design you prefer. This also applies to the ring width and with which engraving we provide the rings for you. By the way, the engraving is free of charge - even if you have it applied later.

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