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Engagement rings silver

Engagement rings silver

Inexpensive engagement rings made of 925 silver with diamond or zirconia.

Engagement ring made of silver - timeless and suitable for smaller budgets

An engagement ring is a symbolic piece of jewelry. It shows the love and promise of two lovers and the will of eternal fidelity by the side of their partner. But what should it look like? Well, there are of course no set rules. In terms of design, there are no limits. The most popular variant is the ring made of white gold, but especially if your wallet is a little smaller, engagement rings made of silver, or more precisely, sterling silver, are a good choice.

Silver and sterling silver - what is the difference?

Everyone knows silver, of course. But who could explain the difference between it and sterling silver right off the bat? Well, while pure silver, or fine silver, has a silver content of 99.9%, a sterling silver engagement ring is made of an alloy to which some copper has been added. The purity is then usually 92.5%. This is done to make the ring more durable and harder. Fine silver is, in fact, too soft to be made into jewelry. However, a layer of pure silver is often placed over the result, which in turn provides a better shine. Since the material used is cheaper, this is also reflected in the price of jewelry. Silver engagement rings are an excellent choice if you don't want to spend quite as much as, say, a platinum ring would cost.

By the way, the term "sterling silver" goes back to the British pound sterling, because the material used to be used to make silver pennies, which were just called sterling.

Great shine at a fair price

Just because silver rings are cheaper in price, however, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice aesthetics - on the contrary! Polished silver engagement rings shine as brightly as ever, have a timeless look, and are also ideal for combining with classic or black diamonds. Most men take their cues from Hollywood movies when it comes to diamond rings and thus usually opt for a solitaire ring, which is characterized by a single set diamond. The larger this Diamond, the more spectacular and exclusive the ring appears, of course. Also with zirconia, the silver rings are particularly accentuated, as the glitter of the stones refracts in any light and thus presents love particularly vividly.

Order engagement rings made of silver in the online store of 21Diamonds

Engagement rings made of silver captivate with a classic and graceful look without being obtrusive. Complemented by a diamond, they gracefully adorn a lady's finger. At the same time, many sterling silver rings are already available to accommodate a smaller budget. It does not always have to be very expensive to present the lady of your heart with a dreamlike piece of jewelry.

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