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Wedding Rings Palladium

Exclusive palladium wedding rings

You are already engaged and the wedding preparations are in full swing? Then an exciting and intense time lies ahead of you, marked by anticipation of the future together. One of the most pleasant tasks in the run-up to your wedding is the joint selection of wedding rings. If you and your partner are looking for exclusive wedding rings, then models with a ring band made of palladium will delight you.

Palladium wedding ring: a charming newcomer

While white gold and Platinum have been used in wedding rings for years, palladium has only been used in the manufacture of wedding rings for a relatively short time. All three precious metals are characterized by a silvery-white luster. Laymen may well confuse rings made from these materials. However, if you look closer, you will notice that Platinum is slightly lighter in color than palladium, and white gold appears more silvery. Depending on the composition of the alloy, a wedding ring made of palladium may also have a somewhat grayish glow.

A precious metal with strong properties

Palladium rings are particularly characterized by their robustness. Scratches and bumps cannot do much to the precious metal and diamonds sit particularly firmly in a palladium setting. Even this precious metal is not completely immune to damage, but it is very resistant. The palladium wedding ring is especially popular with people who are allergic to certain precious metals. Due to the low density of the metal, the rings are very light and provide a comfortable wear.

Combinations with the precious metal

White diamonds combine well with palladium. The elegant material discreetly steps back and leaves the stage to the gemstone. The combination with other precious metals and alloys is rather rare with a palladium ring. This is because white gold and Platinum hardly differ in color from a palladium alloy, so a combination would not look particularly harmonious. On the other hand, the combination with yellow gold, for example, if a golden design strip is incorporated, is quite common, it looks very modern and elegant. In the event that the wedding ring and engagement ring are to be worn together on one hand, you should consider the possible color communications.

Use the online configurator for rings

In our online configurator, you can put together your own palladium wedding ring and try out which gemstones go well with the precious metal. Find out how many diamonds might look good, how wide the ring should be, and what the profile should be. You also have a free hand in choosing other details and can create the perfect wedding ring pair according to your wishes.

Buy your palladium wedding ring at 21Diamonds

Browse our 21Diamonds range and find exactly the rings you and your partner want. Discover filigree tension rings, classic ring variations in yellow gold, palladium and many other alloys. Or surprise your partner with a wonderful solitaire ring. If you have any questions, we are of course happy to help and advise you. Simply contact our customer service, which is available to you during business hours by phone, chat or e-mail.

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