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Wedding rings platinum

Timeless wedding rings from Platinum

Haven't you been dreaming about the day you will marry the love of your life? With all the wedding preparations and anticipation, there are many important decisions to make. One of the most exciting and beautiful decisions in the run-up to your wedding is choosing your wedding rings together with your partner. For many couples, wedding rings from Platinum are very popular.

Things to know about Platinum

Platinum comes from Spanish and translates to "little silver." This describes the shade very accurately and is also an indication that the precious metal is very precious. It is much less common than gold and is particularly popular in jewelry making. Wedding rings made of Platinum are very attractive for allergy sufferers who cannot wear jewelry made of gold or silver. The fineness of the most popular alloy is 96%, but there are also mixed ratios with a lower fineness of 80%, 75% or 58.5%. The level of fineness also determines the price. Here, the higher the platinum content, the higher the price.

Properties of Platinum

The precious metal is very hard and robust, that is why it is not susceptible to scratches and takes a lot in everyday life. Unlike silver jewelry, a wedding ring made of Platinum cannot tarnish or discolor. By the way, compared to the related palladium, Platinum is a lot heavier due to its high density.

Combinations for the wedding ring made of Platinum

A wedding ring made of Platinum can be ideally combined with diamonds. These gemstones come out perfectly in a platinum setting and give the wedding ring an elegant look. Platinum settings are also suitable for other gemstones, such as sapphires or rubies. Colored diamonds are also a beautiful combination option for platinum rings. In combination with other precious metals, Platinum proves to be a real all-rounder. The combination of two different alloys in the ring band is also possible and looks particularly modern and refined.

Configure platinum rings online

If you and your partner would like to have a completely individual ring, then you have the option of using our online configurator to put together a variant entirely according to your wishes and ideas. You can decide on a desired ring width, determine the profile, number as well as type of gemstones and also specify other details.

Buy your wedding ring from Platinum at 21Diamonds

Discover in our wide selection of wedding rings from Platinum, fascinating solitaire rings, sophisticated tension rings, classic solitaire rings and many more wonderful ring options. Of course, the choice of your wedding ring wants to be well thought out, so we are happy to help and advise you if you have any questions. You can reach our customer service during business hours by phone, chat or email. Our team will be happy to help you.
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