Diamond Earring Jaipur - (Sterling Silver 925) Earring


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Diamond Earring Tokyo - (Sterling Silver 925) Earring


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Elaine 21Style

Freshwater Pearl Rose White Gold Earring Elaine 21Style - (White Gold 9ct) Earring


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Erica 21D

Diamond Earring Erica 21D - (White Gold 18ct) Earring


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Aimee Juwel

Diamond Earring Aimee Juwel - (Sterling Silver 925) Earring


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Diamond Earring Northland - (Sterling Silver 925) Earring


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Daisy 21Style

Zirconia Sterling Silver Earring Daisy 21Style - (Sterling Silver 925) Earring


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Zirconia Sterling Silver Earring Oslo - (Sterling Silver 925) Earring


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Zirconia Sterling Silver Earring Monaco - (Sterling Silver 925) Earring


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Zirconia Sterling Silver Earring Copenhagen - (Sterling Silver 925) Earring


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Stud Earrings

Studs are great for everyday use. You do not want to show that you spent hours getting dressed, even if you did. Wearing studs with your hair down will give you the perfect look and feel for your routine. If you have long hair, studs are perfect because it will never tangle on it. If you are sporty, stud earrings will also help keeping your feminine look while working out. Studs are also great if you are around babies. Babies love to pull hair and earrings so be careful with your earlobes, you do not want loose earlobes. Studs are great if you are going for an important interview of business occasion; they do not stand out as much and do not take much attention from your face. Browse our stud earrings collection to see what we have to offer, we are sure you will love the new designs we offer.

Our stud earrings designs are unique and delightful. The final look of our stud pieces after its personalised, hand-made production is exquisite. Studs give you the finishing touch for a stylish and exclusive look. At 21DIAMONDS we offer you stud earrings in combination with 26 different gemstones and 6 different precious metals. You can configure your stud earrings with different metals such as white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, or silver, besides being able to customise them with your favourite gemstones such as emerald, aquamarine, white sapphire, blue topaz, ruby, garnet, peridot, pink tourmaline, quartz pink, ruby, smoky quartz, black onyx, white topaz. If you have any questions about the stud earrings that best compliment your look, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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