Jewellery Care


Use a gentle detergent-based formula to clean your jewellery: This cleaning solution will make your gold, silver, and precious stones to sparkle with new brilliance.

Use a professional polishing cloth: Polishing silver and gold with professional polishing cloths will bring the best results. Other types of tissues could possibly scratch the product.

Remove your jewellery before showering: soap can cause a film to form on top of your jewellery. We advise you to avoid allowing soap to come into contact with your jewellery in order to preserve its lustre.

Don’t use toothpaste to clean metals or gemstones: Some sources recommend using toothpaste to clean fine jewellery, but our goldsmiths (and many other fine jewellers) do not recommend this treatment. Toothpaste can damage the surface of the metal and other soft gemstones, and the resulting damage can prove costly to repair.


Remove jewellery when doing household work: To prevent jewellery from damage, remove it while performing tasks that could bring it into contact with chemicals or with rough surfaces. Be sure to remove your jewelry before doing household tasks such as gardening and cleaning.

Prevent your jewellery to be in contact with cosmetics: Chemicals found in cosmetics can damage your jewellery. As far as possible, try to avoid perfumes, lotion, hairspray and other such items from coming into contact with your jewellery.

Don't wear jewellery in swimming pools: Chlorine agent found in swimming pools can react with the metals and gemstones, possibly distorting the color of the metals and erode the finish of the gemstones. So, remember to put your jewellery away before entering the pool.

Remove jewellery before playing sport: Jewellery can be damaged while doing sports and, at the same time, jewellery can damage other players around you. Remember to remove all jewellery before playing sport.


Where to keep your jewellery: The traditional jewellery box is the best place to store your jewellery, and be sure that each piece is placed separately to avoid scratching.

Prevent tarnishing: Sometimes jewellery tarnishes when stored inappropriately, especially silver jewellery. In order to maintain your jewellery’s lustre, it is recommended to place anti-tarnish strips in your closed container to prevent your jewellery from being oxidized.