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Eternity rings

Eternity rings - boundless and everlasting like your love

You have found your dream partner. Together with the love of your life, you are busy planning the wedding. Of course, not only the celebration should be beautiful. The rings should also be something very special. After all, the wedding rings are a symbol of your undying and intimate love. Hardly any other model expresses the immortality of love like an eternity ring. For lovers, this piece of jewellery is the ideal choice to express your intimate bond, whether as a wedding or engagement ring. As a token of gratitude and appreciation, the memoire ring also finds great significance as a Push Presentwhich is given to a mother on the occasion of the birth of her child. ei But not only the symbolic power of this piece of jewellery inspires, also its beauty can.

Radiant symbol of eternity

Without beginning, without end - boundless like love. Not without reason is a ring the symbol of undying love. This is where the name comes from: the English word eternity means eternity - a fitting description for this type of ring. The gemstones used further reinforce this symbolism. Because a diamond also stands for eternity. Classic eternity rings are set with sparkling diamonds all around, which makes the piece of jewellery particularly precious. The eternity ring is particularly popular because, despite the numerous gemstones, it has a uniform and stylish appearance without being obtrusive. It blends in beautifully with other jewelry and rings, such as an engagement ring. There are different variations of eternity rings. Sometimes the stones are set all around, sometimes only on the outside. The stones do not always have to be diamonds, there are numerous options here.

Immortalize your memories

The memoire ring is a kind of twin sister of the eternity ring. The meaning is the same, though the look is a bit different - at least at first. Here, the idea is that you add a new gemstone to the setting for each important event. For example, you can start with the engagement, add another gemstone at the marriage. This can be continued, with another diamond added for each significant event, such as the birth of a child or a silver wedding anniversary. In this way, the very special moments are symbolically immortalized on the ring. Over the years, this creates a beautiful, individual piece of jewellery that is marked by wonderful memories.

By the way, the eternity ring also cuts a fine figure as an engagement ring. With a slightly larger stone in the middle, the eternity ring looks like a particularly precious solitaire ring.

Order unique Eternity rings at 21Diamonds

The design and symbolic power of Eternity rings fascinates you and has aroused your interest? Discover the unique pieces of jewellery at 21Diamonds. Configure your dream ring individually. Yellow, white, rose gold or platinum? The choice is yours. In the online configurator you can easily customize Eternity rings according to your wishes. You have the option to create a pair of rings for your wedding, or order a single memoire ring for your engagement. Find the ring that suits you and your partner. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help. Simply contact our customer service team by phone or send us an email. Our team will be happy to help you in word and deed.

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