Tsavorite White Gold Earring Weltevrede - (White Gold 14ct) Earring


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Did you know that in ancient times earrings were an ornament predominantly worn by men? This was a very popular tradition in ancient Asia, around 7000 years ago. In ancient tradition, Egyptians used to wear earrings to indicate that they belonged to a higher class in society. Greek and Roman ladies also wore earrings set with pearls to show their upper social class. In the 13th century, the Catholic Church forbade ear piercing. The church stated that a person could not switch their bodies from the image created by God. Only thieves, pirates and representatives of the lower class continued to wear earrings. In the past, earrings worn in the right ear were used to indicate the only boy in the family. Already a man wearing earrings in both ears indicated that he was the last of his family line. Today earrings have become one of the favourite pieces of jewellery for women to wear on a daily basis. While men still wear earrings, women took over the adornment and made it a key figure in their aesthetics. Earrings nowadays are essential in a woman’s life as it highlights their beauty in a feminine way.

Earrings at 21DIAMONDS can come in rose gold, silver, or yellow gold. You can also opt to choose from 26 different gemstones, and an endless amount of product designs. Are you looking for drop earrings, studs, bridal earrings, creoles, or pearl earrings? Browse through our earrings’ models, filter your choice, and find exactly what you are looking for. If you need any help finding, choosing, configuring, or purchasing your dream earrings, please contact our customer service team at customerservice@21diamonds.co.uk.

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