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925 silver, also known as Sterling Silver, is a very popular precious metal in the jewellery sector. Its colour is very similar to the noble white gold. For preventing your silver metal to tarnish we provide standard undercoat rhodium plating. It is recommended to often polish your silver metal often to regain its original splendour.


21DIAMONDS Quality

Our 925 silver consists of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper. We comply with EU standards so that no silver jewellery is manufactured with nickel. This is perfect for those suffering from nickel allergy.
Each 21DIAMONDS jewellery is handmade and individually manufactured so that we can provide you with the highest quality product. Precious metals and stones are carefully selected to meet our high standards.
Care Tips
Regular care is required for making sure your jewellery retains its sparkle. Read our jewellery care tips to learn how you should treat your jewellery so that it does not lose brilliance and colour.

About Silver

The white precious metal, with its velvety-soft tone, is one of the most popular materials in jewellery manufacturing and is particularly well-suited for modern jewellery design. Silver has optimum light reflection properties, which surround each gemstone with a special glow. The ancient Egyptians referred to silver as the ""metal of the moon"" - a wonderful metaphor for the timeless precious metal. The history of Argentum (Latin for ""silver"") is at least as old and stirring as that of gold. By 5000 BC silver was being processed for ritual purposes, jewellery and other objects. Almost as old are its links with the cultural history of mankind: the Assyrians, Romans, and Nordic peoples like the Goths and Germans appreciated and used the precious metal. The first silver coins were produced around 600 BC by the Greeks, with the silver originating from the mines of Laurion, situated about 50 km south of Athens. By the end of the 19th century silver was a ""money metal"" with even a more valuable role than gold. Silver can be alloyed with other metals well--today the most common alloy of silver is 925, known as sterling silver. For its production, 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper are melted together, achieving the very specific quality and fineness of sterling silver. For further refinement, various methods can be used. One of the best known is rhodium plating, in which the metal is coated with a thin layer of rhodium, giving the silver a soft matte finish. Our silver is refined rhodium plating, resulting in a metal with brilliant colour and protection from tarnish. Silver Jewellery from 21DIAMONDS: The Feminine Side of Metal In whatever form it may take, silver jewellery is timeless. The metal is easy to process and therefore wonderfully suited for unusual frames and designs. Silver is the metal of femininity; according to old traditions, it symbolizes the female principle, including quiet serenity and superior intuition. The metal fits perfectly with all precious stones, giving each piece of jewellery a fresh, cool touch.

Silver Rings

Rings are usually a great birthday, friendship or anniversary gift. The design and the noble metal is a question of taste and budget. Silver reminds strongly of white gold but priced lower. A good alternative to silver is white gold or platinum.
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Silver Earrings

Whether creoles, studs or drop earrings, silver will be a good fit. The precious metal selected, however, determines the budget. Silver is a very good choice, particularly for earrings as it looks like white gold but priced much lower
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Silver Necklaces

A great amount of silver is needed in order to manufacture necklace chains. For this reason, prices for silver necklaces is relatively higher. Comparing the precious metal prices, silver is clearly the cheaper, although visually strongly reminiscent of white gold or palladium. Silver necklaces are a really good choice if you are on a budget.
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