• Vivien £769
    Vivien RI3321 Gold/stones/Diamond/Vivien.jpg 21diamonds 21D_logo_url Diamond Ring Vivien (Rose Gold 14ct) Ring with Diamond
    [#1]: Gem RN:[ ] , Metal RN:[ ] --
  • Karlotta £467
    Karlotta RI0365 Gold/stones/Whitetopaz/Whitetopaz/Karlotta.jpg 21diamonds 21D_logo_url Gold ring Karlotta (Rose Gold 14ct) Ring with White Topaz
    Karlotta RI0365 Gold/stones/Ruby/Diamond/Karlotta.jpg 21diamonds 21D_logo_url
    Karlotta RI0365 Gold/stones/Peridot/Diamond/Karlotta.jpg 21diamonds 21D_logo_url
    Karlotta RI0365 Gold/stones/Bluetopaz/Diamond/Karlotta.jpg 21diamonds 21D_logo_url
    Karlotta RI0365 Gold/stones/Peridot/Peridot/Karlotta.jpg 21diamonds 21D_logo_url
    [#1]: Gem RN:[ ] , Metal RN:[ ] -- [#2]: Gem RN:[ ] , Metal RN:[ ] -- [#3]: Gem RN:[ ] , Metal RN:[ ] -- [#4]: Gem RN:[ ] , Metal RN:[ ] -- [#5]: Gem RN:[ ] , Metal RN:[ ] --

Engagement Rings at 21DIAMONDS

Tradition might well demand that an engagement ring carries a diamond, but traditions are there to be improved as well as followed. Besides engagement diamond rings, 21DIAMONDS offers its customers to configure their engagement rings with a beautiful selection of gemstones and view the results online immediately. Customers can choose a trilogy ring and combine a selection of diamonds and aquamarine, peridot or ruby, for example, and decide whether to opt for silver or the three types of gold in the three main carats. 21DIAMONDS offers white gold engagement rings, rose gold engagement rings and yellow gold engagement rings in 9ct, 14ct and 18 ct.


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